Saturday, June 9, 2012


   I've been following Hillary Lang's blog Wee Wonderfuls for a few years now and was so excited when I came across her book at the library. I must admit I have renewed it the maximum times allowed and now it is overdue. I will probably just end up buying it. The projects in it are too cute.
   Two of my little nieces have birthdays coming soon. The one who is turning four requested a handmade doll "with yarn hair". I thought I would sew some wee wonderful dolls for them. I love Hillary's patchwork and folkster dolls. So I took bits and pieces of dolls from her book to create something similar. The body and a little dress are finished but now I'm stuck on the face and hair. Embroidering the face is very intimidating. I almost want to leave it blank. And still not sure what to do with the hair. I want it long and loose so the girls can play with it. Not sure whether to just sew yarn along the hairline and part or all over the head. I remember growing up with dolls with yarn hair that end up looking kinda bald. Any suggestions?


  1. I was trying to do the same thing because I like the look of the patchwork dolls. I own the book and I love how your dolls came together. Did you use the bear template for the head and body? Did you need to do any resizing of the templates?

    1. I used the head and body of the Melvin and Marian Bears blown up to 160% and the arms, legs and dress of Little Miss Storybook at their normal size. If I remember correctly the bottom of the body didn't fit right so I had to cut the oval down a little. Hope this helps, and I'd love to see your finished doll.