Monday, June 18, 2012

Dolly and a half

Finished blonde dolly last week. The face wasn't that difficult once I got started. I stuck pins where I wanted each feature then embroidered them in. The eyes were a little hard to make the same size. They are still uneven but hey, it's handmade what can you expect. I found a great tutorial for the hair on the blog bybido. She explains the process really well with lots of pictures for help. Turned out to be pretty easy but time consuming. The second doll should go a lot faster now that I know what I'm doing.

*pay no attention to the crooked part :)

The hubby was busy this weekend so it gave me the time to sew up dolly #2. I think this one will have brown hair and blue eyes.


  1. What a beautiful doll! So cute!

    I'm glad the hair tutorial was helpful; it is time-consuming (!!!), but the end result is sturdy and (I think) the process gives you a bit more control over the hairstyle. Next time, if you try using a bulkier weight yarn, it might go a little quicker. Or double up the strands somehow?

    Can wait to see your next doll :)

    1. Thanks. Doubling the yarn worked perfectly. Making these was so much fun - I think I'm hooked now. Might try a boy doll next.

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