Thursday, January 31, 2013

Handmade Christmas part 2

I wanted to paint something unique for my parents that represented our growing family. I fiddled around with a couple family tree ideas but nothing seemed to look right. After reading Psalm 127 one night I came up with this picture. There is an arrow for each of my siblings, our spouses and children. As soon as my parents saw it my dad joked that I will need to hang canvases underneath for all the little arrows to come...patience, Dad, patience.

For my niece and nephews I sewed a puppet theater. It hangs in the doorway from an expandable curtain rod. At first the window sagged badly, so I sewed a little pocket to hold a dowel rod. Now it sits nice and straight. The sock puppets were made following the tutorial from One of a Kind.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 DIY Bookmark

***update: find the 2017 version here***

Did you fill up your 2012 bookmark? I've slacked off a little with my reading the past couple months so didn't quite reach my goal. But I did fill up one side and reprinted another one for the back. This year I've made two sides to the bookmark for all you avid readers. You can download the 2013 reading list bookmark here. Just print, cut along the pale grey lines and glue to some pretty scrapbook paper.