Thursday, January 31, 2013

Handmade Christmas part 2

I wanted to paint something unique for my parents that represented our growing family. I fiddled around with a couple family tree ideas but nothing seemed to look right. After reading Psalm 127 one night I came up with this picture. There is an arrow for each of my siblings, our spouses and children. As soon as my parents saw it my dad joked that I will need to hang canvases underneath for all the little arrows to come...patience, Dad, patience.

For my niece and nephews I sewed a puppet theater. It hangs in the doorway from an expandable curtain rod. At first the window sagged badly, so I sewed a little pocket to hold a dowel rod. Now it sits nice and straight. The sock puppets were made following the tutorial from One of a Kind.

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  1. More blog entries, please! Where's that "Chocolate is salad" plaque?