Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dolly ²

They're Finished!!!! And just in time. Florida niece will be here friday and Georgia niece's b-day is the day after. I love how they turned out. Might have to make one for myself :)

Brunette dolly went much more quickly. I doubled up the yarn and placed it along the hairline all around the head. Added bangs, gave it a little trim and all done!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Dolly and a half

Finished blonde dolly last week. The face wasn't that difficult once I got started. I stuck pins where I wanted each feature then embroidered them in. The eyes were a little hard to make the same size. They are still uneven but hey, it's handmade what can you expect. I found a great tutorial for the hair on the blog bybido. She explains the process really well with lots of pictures for help. Turned out to be pretty easy but time consuming. The second doll should go a lot faster now that I know what I'm doing.

*pay no attention to the crooked part :)

The hubby was busy this weekend so it gave me the time to sew up dolly #2. I think this one will have brown hair and blue eyes.

Saturday, June 9, 2012


   I've been following Hillary Lang's blog Wee Wonderfuls for a few years now and was so excited when I came across her book at the library. I must admit I have renewed it the maximum times allowed and now it is overdue. I will probably just end up buying it. The projects in it are too cute.
   Two of my little nieces have birthdays coming soon. The one who is turning four requested a handmade doll "with yarn hair". I thought I would sew some wee wonderful dolls for them. I love Hillary's patchwork and folkster dolls. So I took bits and pieces of dolls from her book to create something similar. The body and a little dress are finished but now I'm stuck on the face and hair. Embroidering the face is very intimidating. I almost want to leave it blank. And still not sure what to do with the hair. I want it long and loose so the girls can play with it. Not sure whether to just sew yarn along the hairline and part or all over the head. I remember growing up with dolls with yarn hair that end up looking kinda bald. Any suggestions?