Friday, September 14, 2012

My plans vs. God's purpose

The husband and I have been going through a tough time the past couple weeks...a really horrible, no good, awful time. And the night before the most horrible, no good, awful thing had to happen I came across Proverbs 19:21 in my daily reading. I was reminded that this is happening for a reason.  I can be sad and even a little angry, but GOD'S PLAN IS BIGGER and good will come of this.
I made a little printable to hang on my fridge to pick me up when I start dwelling on the negative. Want your own reminder? You can download my printable here.


  1. I arrived via shereadstruth. I downloaded your printable. I will print it when the baby girl wakes. Thanks! I will be praying for you.

  2. If you need a movie date, I'm still around girl!!


    1. Oh, this post was written a few months ago so I'm sure things are good now. But cool paper wreath. K bye now.

  3. I tried posting on this weeks ago when I first saw it.... I'm glad you found this verse...hmmm, looks like God wrote it special, just for you! I love you, my girl... in case this won't let me sign it...(from AK)xoak